Parenthood – The Rollercoaster That Is.

Parenthood – The Rollercoaster That Is.

From the minute they make their grand entrance into the world our children change our lives completely and some days turn it upside down.

They stare deep into our eyes, grab us by the heart and we have no choice, our hearts firm in their grasp, to get on board the emotional  rollercoaster that is parenthood.

What a ride it is! It’s tiring sometimes and stressful and scary and manic and draining and all those things that can leave you feeling sick to the stomach but in the next breath or even the same breath, we feel elated and youthful and renewed and imaginitive and so so lucky.

I don’t know about you but I think to the outside world and especially to people who don’t have children, family and family life must sometimes look a bit boring or more trouble and effort than it’s worth. Oh, how wrong they are! The Parenthood Rollercoaster is unique to anything else in the world and we get so much out of it. It’s hard to put into words; but if you’re a parent, you just know. Who wants to go through life on a Merri-go-round??? I like the Rollercoaster.


Below is a scene from the fantastic and cult film Parenthood (1989). Grandma explains to her son (who is a bit stressed out with family life) and daughter in law about the first time she went on a Rollercoaster. If you haven’t seen this film, it’s a must!!!


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