Egyptian Magic and the Imagination Tree – Our faves this week.

Egyptian Magic and the Imagination Tree – Our faves this week.

baby love blog Mummy’s faves;

The Imagination Tree - I confess. I am ever so slightly addicted to this site. It’s wonderful. With great craft, play, activities and toy ideas that you can make at home from every day products you will never get bored. They’re not crazy difficult to do either – it’s realistic for not particularly crafty mums like me, too. Sensory baskets, discovery boxes,  home made play dough and edible paint. I enjoyed the Ocean Discovery Bottle.
Egyptian magic - I took this cream with us on our holiday to Mallorca lastbaby love blog month. It’s an  all purpose skin cream so used it on Max’s bottom as a nappy cream as well as his face and also as a body and face cream for Marc and I. It saved packing different types of cream and cut down a little extra weight in the case which is always a bonus thanks to the annoying baggage allowances today. Now we’re back but I’m not going to stop using it. They’ve got me hooked. The cream is amazing! Truly.  You can order it on-line from their website.

The Miniature Knit Shop – (Not On The Highstreet.) - Mixing a love of knitting with a baby love blogwonderful sense of imagination these knitted animal outfits aren’t just for Halloween but every day street-based smiles. They’re so cute. I’m a sucker for a silly baby outfit. I’m only sorry that I found them this week as opposed to when Max was really small because I think I would have bought one for him. Gorgeous and hilarious.




Maximilian’s Fave’s;

Annabel Carmel Biscotti’s (Apple or Strawberry and Vanilla) – I picked these up at baby love blogour local supermarket the other day and now he actually Max actually takes me to the cupboard where they’re kept when he wants a pack. Funny little man. He really likes them and they’re more suitable for his age and diet when he’s wanting one of our biscuits.





Dean’s Fave’s;

Planes - Marc and I had a special day out with Dean yesterday. We took him to the baby love blogPremiere of Planes from Pixar, the creators of ‘Cars’. ‘Cars’ has been his obsession for the longest time. Others have come and gone like Sponge Bob Square Pants, Het Zandkasteel and Mega Mindy (Dutch programs), Bumba, Spiderman but Cars has always been the number one. Until now. It appears this Planes is taking over fast. Ever since it’s all we’ve talked about. Planes and what they do. We’ve played Planes all day and night where we all had to pick the characters we wanted to be and stay in character until Dean said it was ok to be ‘daddy’ and ‘Tash’ again. It was actually a great film and made me laugh but best of all was of course the enjoyment Dean got from it.

baby love blogThe Gruffalo’s Child BookThis is the second book. I bought it for Dean at the beginning of the week and we’ve read it to him every night as he doesn’t want to part with it. He’s very proud to own a book from the famous Gruffalo gang!

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